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So, I have and love the new M&P 2.0 compact. What I want is a magazine extension for the 9C 12 (or 10 round) magazine that will also extend the 9C mag size to the new 2.0 size. And/or I want a grip sleeve like the ones to make the 9C or 2.0 Compacts able to use the full size M&P magazines. There isn't ANYthing out there that does what I want. I want it to blend in with the gun AND because I live in an unconstitutional state I want it to work with either mag blocks in a 12 round 9C magazine or attach nicely to a 10-round 9C magazine. The closest two options would be either to modify and cut down a full-size X-grip sleeve for the 9C and then utilize it with a 10-round (now availalbe!) 2.0 Compact magazine. I am wondering if I will be able to use a 9C magazine with the Hyve +3 extender and some kind of permanent mag block inside to use it with the 9C magazine. I am not sure if it will work, as I would have to epoxy the adapter into the Hyve and not sure if it would slide on. I don't like the flashy coloring and advertising on the Hyve base plate, and lastly, it is slightly longer than the length of the 2.0 compact magazine and I would prefer that it be shorter. The other option is to modify the x-grip sleeve. I have done this and it is OK, but doesn't work as well as I would like. I would probably have to permanently attach it to the 2.0 mag in order for it to be more suitable, and don't want to do that. And, my modifying it was OK, but not as perfect as I would like. And, for those of you that say just use the finger extender, I don't want to, as the back of the mag/grip area digs into the butt of my palm on the standard 9C mags and I don't like it. Again, X-grip has been promising sleeves for over a year but they have not materialized. A factory grip sleeve from them that blended well would work for me if I permanently attached it.

So, am I the only one that wants a good solution for modifying my 9C mags or substituting 2.0 Compact mags in the 9C to give it the perfect length. Since it is even shorter than barrel than the 2.0 in 3.6" barrel for me it gives a little more versatility, especially with appendix carry. And, I can put grip tape on it to make it grippy like the new 2.0, or I can leave it like it is and not tear up my body while concealed carrying. Any news from X-grip? Any other thoughts/ideas. I don't like the Taran Tactical, as it doesn't mold with the standard grip like the Hyve one does. I have seen +0 base plates, but they don't mold the correct way in the back of the grip, either....

What can I do? Any ideas. I guess what I really want is for M&P to release sleeves to use with the 2.0 mags on the older 9C. I also want them to come out with the new 2.0 9C that could then use the 9C mags, 2.0 mags, and full-size magazines. Or, release 9C magazines with an extended base plate that brings it to the 15 round length without changing round count. For me, the 9C that would be the length of the 2.0 Compact would be like a double-stack Shield and highly desirable.

As a side note, I would love to chop my full size grip and consistently use just the M&P 2.0 Compact grips with all of my M&Ps.
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