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9mm after 450 rounds

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Purchased an M&P 9mm last Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I fired about 250 rounds of WWB 115 gr and Fioochi 123 gr. We shot consistently 1-2" left and 4" low at about 12 yards. The trip today started at 25 yards from a rest, still low left. At 8 yards a touch low and left, but darned nice groups. At 15 yards, the groups weren't quite as nice, but still good. Looks like a keeper if I can correct a few shooting flaws and make a few adjustments to the sights. Also, it seemed to shoot much better with the 115 gr than the 123 gr. Any sight adjustments will come after a 1000 rounds and I'm convinced that I'm shooting darned consistently.

Did fire an H&K .40 today. Nicer feel than the M&P. However, the M&P did a fine job.
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