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Okay, I've shot less than 50 rounds total, but I've not had a chance to get to the range for much needed newbie practice.

I just wanted to compare what I've found at my nearby WalMart and WalMart Super Center to see if I'm buying decent ammo at a respectable price.

First off, 9mm 115gr Blazer Brass (believe it's a total metal jack) at local WalMart for around $6.22 / box of 50, so figure around $13.30 out the door per 100 rounds.

The loose-packed Winchester White Box 9mm 115gr ran around $12.67 / box of 100, so after taxes it's in the same neighborhood as the Blazer Brass, just a tiny bit more at $13.56.

While I liked the look of the Winchester rounds a bit more than the Blazers (ooh, shiny!), I preferred the Blazer rounds organized neatly in the tray so I could take a quick look at all the primers at once.

Visited the WalMart Super Center today (wow, they still carry shooting accessories there) and found Remington UMC 9mm 115gr JHP for $16.97 / box of 100 displayed nicely in two trays of 50. Out the door, it's about $18.16 per 100 rounds.

They also had Winchester White Box 9mm 147gr JHP with the price somewhere in the $16-$17 range for a box of 50.

I compared both rounds, knowing really nothing about what I was looking at, and though they were quite similar, the hollow point in the WWB was black, while that in the Remington was greyish.

I opted for 2 boxes of the Remington since I was already shooting 115gr Blazer Brass, and the price seemed right.

I would consider higher prices for specifically labeled Self-Defense ammo that has received high recommendations on this forum.

I hope I didn't make a mistake with the Remington. Not sure if it would be an adequate self defense round, but I did want to have some JHPs on-hand until such time as I can try a few others and make a more informed decision.

At about $0.04-0.05 more per round than the Blazer Brass ball, I believe it will give me a bit of inexpensive practice with a JHP round -- not sure if I will feel, see, or otherwise notice any difference.

I recall reading from some that Remington UMC has appeared to be dirtier than some but not as much as others. I'm hoping my first choice for a JHP round will serve two purposes --

(1) Allow me to practice with some JHPs fairly inexpensively

(2) Serve as a reliable and suitable round for home defense in the event that it becomes necessary

Your thoughts, recommendations, opinions, etc. are certainly welcome and appreciated!

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I shot 100 rounds already of the Remington's you are talking about in my new 9mm M&P. I saw the forum about Remington's being dirty also. I found the Remington's not to be dirty.

Let us know how the Blazers work out for you. I have not used them though. You seem to be a good shopper and thanks for the heads up for the costs on the Blazers.
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