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9mm ammunition/bullet recomendations for M+P 9c?

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First time and first post here for me.

I just purchased an M+P 9c last night on impulse. We visited

the store so I could handle an XD .45, and possible buy one. I have

been researching them for a few weeks and was about ready to

'pull the trigger' on a new carry pistol. Our snubby is a bit small

and my beloved Commander is a bit heavy.

As Wife and I were looking over the XD's in stock the evil store

clerk placed THIS in front me:

Handling it alongside the XD's the M+P certainly felt nicer in my hand. Wife

was convinced the first time she picked it up. A few minutes later I was

filling out papers and writing a check!

I put 100 rounds of Winchester ball through it today figureing out the trigger

and sights. At 25 yards it grouped about 6" while my Colt made a ragged

hole at the same distance. Function was 100 % without flaws. The M+P trigger

needs some work, and the whole thing needs 500 rounds through to break

it in decently.

I would like better accuracy and I'll load for it, but my carry pistol

practice is usually at 15 yards on 4x6 cards, so that is my minimum

acceptable accuracy. I shoot that strong hand, weak hand, both hands,

single and double taps, with and without relaods. I shoot for accuracy first and

speed second. Loud misses are not impressive.

(BTW.... want to have some fun? Load 20 rounds .010" too long to chamber

without an assist and mix them in with 50 of your standard rounds, or 5 without

powder on fired primers just to practice the 'dud' routine under pressure.)

The real reason for my post...... I am looking for opinions on bullets

to reload as practice/carry ammunition, and opinions on factory defensive

9mm carry ammo.

The Hydroshock ammunition has been a standard carry ammo for me since

a long discussion I had one day with an FBI trainer. He seemed sold on it

and had a some valid points.

On the other hand, I like to practice with what I carry and I can't afford

500-1000 Federal Hydroshocks so I'd like to load my own in a decent carry


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The Hydroshock is a good bullet design, but modern bullet designs are much better. Throughout most ballistic testing, including federal and state law enforcement agencies, 2 bullet designs consistently rank at the top.

Speer Gold Dot

Wincester Ranger T

Both are excellent. The Gold Dots are easily aquired for reloading. I use the Gold Dots b/c they are available locally. I do my own ammo testing periodically, and the Gold Dots are solid performers.

Probably the most "accurate" hollow point design is the Hornady XTP. You might try a few of these and see what you think. The XTP tends to penetrate a little more and expand a little less than the previously mentioned bullets, but they are still excellent bullets.
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Ive had great success from the Ferdeal 115gr. +P ammo.
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