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I bought my 9mm Compact used but 'as new'. I would agree with that as it showed no use at all and I would not be surprised if it had not been fired aside from test firing.

I only had time for a short outing at the range and fired perhaps 100 rounds of factory reloaded 115 grain ball through it.

No malfunctions of any sort. Its been a while since I shot a striker fired pistol and getting used to the springy trigger took a couple of magazines. I note many here speak of having the triggers worked over. Mine probably weighs about 6 pounds and seems decent for what it is. I suppose it could always be better but I didn't detect the grittiness that I hear others describe.

I didn't make any effort to test it for outright accuracy, perhaps on a subsequent visit. I don't think its any threat to my Springfield Armory 1911 TRP or Kimber 1911 in that area, but then few things short of a custom pistol are.

I am quite impressed with the low recoil impulse and overall handling of the pistol. I believe it will be very easy to adapt to with minimal time spent. To me thats the mark of a well designed pistol.

One might logically say many of these things about a Glock but I found I had a difficult time with the grip angle of the Glock. being a 1911 and Hi-Power guy, the Glock never pointed well for me.

With any luck I can get it out to the range for a more thorough wringing out pretty soon.
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