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M&P 9mm full size, first clip at 7yds, no rest, off hand shooting =======>>>>>

btw, yes, that is a bulls-eye, not a pencil hole....

Naysayers: No complaints. No troubles. No FTF's and no FTE's using 115gr WWB from Wally World. No rust. No shells in the face. No mag drops.

All the rest of us: First foray back into shooting in 10 years or so. Previous firearms included a Beretta 92FS and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with that puppy. I was pretty accurate at 7-10yds, and I was just trying to get used to sighting it. Even better, at 15yds, I was hitting inside the 5 ring. Funny thing about that, it was without my glasses. Forgot 'em at home! Very smooth action, comfortable grip with the larger backstrap, very natural in my hand. I got home, cleaned 'er up and we are ready to rock again! Very glad I made the purchase!

Thanks for all the help and great info from!!!
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