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9mm M&P loads

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Is the 9mm M&P rated to handle +P+ ammo?
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According to the M&P manuals, +P+ ammo MUST not be used in S&W firearms. Ive never used +P+ ammo before, but Ive put about 50 +P ammo through my M&P. Here is the link. Page 13
Hmmm ... Without downloading the manual I would suspect that +P would be out then too eh?
NOTHING is rated for +P+ ammo. That's because there is no definition for +P+. SAAMI defines the specs for a load, and sometimes a +P load. +P+ means it is a load beyond the SAAMI specs and could be anything. S&W supports SAAMI spec ammo, which includes +P.

sure, cor-bon may sell a +P+, but technically bubba's 9mm with 6gr of titegroup in it is +P+ too. It'll also break your gun.

with +P+ you simply take your chances. In a moder durable pistol, I'd probably trust cor-bon, but not the terrorist-ripper 4000 +P+ with ultramysticdeathalloy. But it's still mycall.
It says +P ammo should not be used in S&W medium K frames revolvers manufactured prior to 1958. So for an M&P40 or M&P9 you should be good.
ok, maybe Iw as unclear.

the M&P manual spefically states that the M&P only supports ammo within SAAMI spec.

By implication that includes +P as that is a SAAMI spec.
saami has spec for 9mm +p

+p+ should be fine for 9mm just avoid the subgun ammo. it will increase wear and run pressure higher.

cmon S&W is a Massachusetts company what do you expect? zero political correctness or CYA?

no saami spec for 40sw +P dont need one either
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