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9mm MP observations

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I've been short on time, but finally made it to the range with my new 9mm last night. I shot with my kiddo, so it was mostly informal (and he wanted to hog up all the ammo, anyway!) but I think I have a few observations-

I like the way the gun looks.

It is light-eating BLACK. I would have any work gun done in this finish if I could. It's lines/shape makes it a much better looking gun than the other plastic pistols, but I know that's a matter of personal taste. I thought the slide serrations would be slick-for appearance only. They are not, they are grippy as heck. The gun is sticky enough in the hand that I won't be out buying a bicycle inner-tube to wrap around the grip. The medium grip works for me, the smalls are great for him. The slide release, even the one on the left side, is fairly tacky and easy to operate, though the #1 son will stick with sling-shotting due to hand strength issues. I do wish the right one was a big as the left one. Muzzle rise was ZERO. I forgot how easy shooting a 9 was, but with this gun, there is less muzzle rise than my other Smith 9s. The low bore axis also seems to make it shoot where I point, but I want to shoot it a lot from the holster when it gets here before I'm sure on this. Again, will have to sneak off without the boy, who has announced that the Ruger .22 is now "mine" and the M&P is "his." I didn't check accuracy except at 3 yards or so to make sure the sights were on or at least close. The trigger is better than brand G or X, I think, but it still is tough to keep on target compared to a smooth DA or nice 1911. I could tell that with dry firing, the front post keeps hopping to the left when th trigger breaks, even with just the pad of my finger on the trigger. Pre-travel and over-travel were not as distracting as I thought they would be...just no problem at all. I think some use and maybe a bit of polishing or Burwell-izing will help with pull weight. The gun was an absolute blast to shoot due to the low muzzle rise and recoil. Of course no malfunctions except one "bent arms, limp wrist" deal. The mag catch is too far down and back for me to reach with my trigger finger, so I'll reverse it and see if I can remember to find it on that side. Oh, yeah-magazines-built very solidly and not the easiest for little fingers to load for now.

Bottom line, I'm very happy with the gun so far. I'm thinking it will end up being a go-to gun for first centerfire shooters or, more importantly, a group of police recruits. I can tell you I'd rather train them with this than a Glock, if my opinion on pointability holds up.

Glad you guys talked me into it.
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Great review and glad to hear that you like your M&P9.
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second hundred/holster

Fired the second hundred quickly today, 50 WW and 50 American Eagle FMJ. Of course, no malfunctions.

The target shows that as with my dry-firing, there is a distinct pull to the left either as the trigger releases or just afterward. In a lefty, this is usually too much finger on the tirgger. I tried using just the first finger pad, and round #1 goes where it's supposed to, but the finger slips down then and I'm back throwing them left. This didn't show at the closer ranges. Wonder if there could be texture added to that trigger, it is very slippery...? Again, I'm hoping some break-in or trigger work will significantly reduce pull weight to help, along with more practice. 200 rounds is not enough to learn the gun at all. I think I'll try the large grip insert next time, I notice that it is MUCH worse with the small than medium insert, and there seems to be a lack of "meat" for the heel of my right hand to contact.

I did some close work from the holster. The gun points well for me, and quick shots fired with an index across the top of the slide were hits. Very close-contact to 3 yards-were fast and easy. Sorta had to make myself quit looking for the safety a couple of times.... :oops: Too much 1911 time.

Speaking of holster, I really like the belt holster I got from Talon Tactical. I'm a big Comp-Tac fan, but thought I'd try something new. It looks nice, carries tight to the side, and the gun seats with a very satisfying "snap" but draws exactly right. The Kydex in it is thinner than in the other 3 brands of Kydex I have, so the holster is really light...but not flimsy. There is not a belt slit in the back of the belt tunnel, so I will have to cut one if I wear it with some jeans. I bet the maker would cut one for you if you asked at the time of the order. Delivery was maybe a week, price was right, and a quality holster. I bought mag pouches from another vendor and will report on them later, they need a bit of tuning or I need to tune myself to use them.

Maybe I'll be comfortable enough to do some bench testing, soon, but right now, I'm still learning the trigger. It's a fun gun to shoot.
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Great review. I'm thinking about a M&P 9 to go with my 40. My 40's recoil being as light as it is, I can only imagine what kind of recoil (or lack of) you guys with the 9mm's are getting.
3rd time-much improvement

Okay, some dry fire practice, tried/altered my grip two or three ways, and third time out. Installed large grips. Figured out I was grippng the gun WAY too tightly with my strong hand. Let my left thumb come up a bit and allow more of my right hand on board, but didn't stretch the right thumb out along the frame too much, just straight. 50 rounds. If I keep my left (strong) hand more relaxed, I could make 3 inch head box shots a majority of the time from 15 yards with a regualr two-hand hold, no bench. My target was much, much better. That was with half my trigger finger in the guard, really just usng the first joint. I'm thinking the trigger is getting more crisp, or maybe I was just watching the front sight (what a concept) and doing my part.

Oh, and I shot the .40 today. The 9mm is a really pussycat compared to it, just a fun gun to shoot.
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I've had four shooting sessions of @ 200 rounds each and have noticed improved trigger performance.

The break has gotten crisper but there is a bit too much overtravel.
I haven't got to shoot it again, but did loan it out (which was part of the reason I bought it) today. The troop had fired the .40, wanted to try a 9. 50 rounds later he was back in the range office, announcing that he would be buying one. He said he usually has some shots out of the center ring at the 25 with his 5906, but they were all in with the MP-first time he fired it. No failures or problems. He found one through an LE distributor that quoted 399 for the gun and THREE mags. I have not heard of a deal like that, and am having trouble even finding a third mag.
Yeah, it's bsiacally good street price minus the 14% (or whatever) excise tax on the gun. LE packages come with 3 mags, which other than price and sku# is the only physically distinguishing characteristic.
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