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First Q:

I like the way Burwell and others do their media blasting on the barrel and slide. I was wondering if you could hand sand (with 600 and then 1000 grit wet/dry 3M paper) and then machine buff the exterior of the barrel? I did this on my old G19 and it came up mirror smooth and I never had any problems. It adds a nice two tone appearance as well.

The main reason I ask is because I already have the finish wearing through just forward of the "9 mm" text where it rubs the slide on lockup/unlock. I just prefer a bit of two tone anyways.

I have started a bit of sanding on the barrel (where it's hidden inside the slide at all times) and it looks like the stainless was pitted when it was coated (not likely but gives you the idea of what it looks like). I think the coating has more impingement into the stainless than whatever Glock uses on their barrels. The usual 60 seconds worth of sandpaper swipes on each area of the gun isn't enough to remove it all like Glocks although it starts to wear through faster (if that makes sense).

Second Q:

Having tinkered with the gun enough to learn how it works and having done the full trigger job (still need to do the plunger yet), I noticed that while the two roll pins come out and go in well enough, I'd love to have some stainless pins instead. Anyone consider making those? I had some on my glock and they were nice; much better than the plastic OEM ones. I don't like the way the steel roll pins aren't near as consistent in roundness and diameter as machined pins. Like probably many of us on here, I take my gun all the way apart more often than most peeps and would like something more precise.


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