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A Surprising NEW 5.7mm Pistol: Tisas PX-5.7

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I had one of the early F5.7Ns, and surprisingly; it wasn’t that accurate. Yeah; I know, but in this case it wasn't the Indian. I shot it once, kept it for about six months, and sold it.

A few years later; I had the opportunity to do a T&E and write a review on a multi-caliber double stack 1911 made by Armscor (RIA). It came with two different barrels and recoil springs, and was chambered in 9mm and .22TCM.
That gun had a great trigger, and was unbelievably accurate. The two mags that came with it held 17 rounds of 9mm or 18 rounds of .22TCM. I’d never expected (or intended) to ever own a RIA/Armscor product, but was really impressed with this gun. My friend who did the shooting for the accuracy testing portion of the T&E said that it “was no doubt a one inch at 25 yards from a Ransom Rest gun.”

I cleaned that gun once before the start of the T&E, carried it every day for four months, shooting it weekly (at least 50 rounds), and didn’t clean it again until a detail strip so that I could look for any unusual wear and check out how the internals and machining looked.

Why the hell did I write all that? Anyway, I bought the damn thing, rather than send it back; and it’s a much better gun than that FN 5.7 was. 👍

Oh yeah; it’s Commander sized, too.

Edit: I forgot to mention (duh!) that the .22TCM has more power than the FN 5.7. (Which was sort of the point of the whole, rambling thread!)
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I checked out the Tisas 5.7; and it looks like it just may be the best of the lot so far… 👍
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