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Was shooting one of the two monthly outdoor USPSA matches I regularly attend today. I had been having some issues with one magazine being particularly hard to load the 4th round in, and finally tracked down which one it was.

Normally I'd suspect the follower catching on the mag catch notches. However that wasn't the case. After looking at the follower, it has two angled legs at the back to prevent it from tilting forward too far. They also appear to be tapered to allow the follower to tilt. Well, when you get sand in your mags, you can put a nice burr on the corner of these legs. The net result is that on the 4th round, where you start going to a double stacking, the follower is tilted to the side abit, and can catch up on the witness holes. If you ahve a PITA 4th round on loading, disassemble the mag and clean off any burrs on the follower.
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