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A Winner!

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Hello to all. I have been a S&W revolver owner for a long time, mostly 686's and 627's, I recently bought a new M&P 40. I do have to admit that when I made the decision to buy a semi in January all of the talk was about the Springfield XD's, and that is what the dealer was hailing as the best. I bought a .40. I had alot of failing to load problems if I filled the magazines to capacity. After calling the dealer and Springfield we arrived at the problem being from stiff springs in the magazines,( 3 different mags) and there not being anything they could do about it. I sold the gun to another dealer and began my search over. About 2 weeks after I dumped the XD I got my January issue of American Rifleman. In it was a review of the M&P .40. The article was positive and said that it was all S&W was saying it was so that was my next choice. I have about 300 rounds through it of various types and brands without a problem. It is the first semi- auto that I have shot that feels like it belongs there. That is in or out of the military. In my opinion it is everything S&W aimed for.
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