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Question on XD talk from DougXD was:

Hey Jester,

Whadaya think about the action on the M&P? I bought one too and according what I'm seeing in the inner workings, it's just like our XDs where the striker is fully cocked after the slide is racked. Some of the trade rags, however, are calling it a double-action or glock-style action.

It sure looks to me like the striker is fully cocked hanging against the sear bar and when the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar just drops the sear bar outta the way to release the striker.

Your take?

I'd classify it like the XD(SAO), the ATF calls the XD SAO, I'd like to see how they do the M&P.

I'd say its 98% cocked, the shape of the sear pulls the stryker back about .010" as it sits now.

I'm going to be pulling out the stryker safety, and polishing that, and prolly the stryker tab. Its smoother than my XD, but still could use the improvement.[/quote]
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