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After A Dan Burwell Trigger Job I'm A Happy Camper M&P 9

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I got my M&P a couple of weeks ago. Out of the box at an indoor range shooting fairly slow and even resting on the raised cutout in their bench I was shooting it low and left which seems a lot of shooters are finding.

I then took it to the IDPA match at Hollidaysburg, PA. I thought I did a bit better with it. After the match Dan Burwell did his trigger job and installed a fiber optic sight on the front. Shot it a bit outside Dan's house and looked like it was hitting center.

Took it back to the indoor range and shot it in a league with a 50 shot drill - a lot better, including putting two head shots center that looked like a great doubletap but wasn't on a 2 to the body 1 to the head drill. I didn't do too good on the long range shots but then that has never exactly been my forte - 50+ eyes you know.

Tonight I took it to a practice session of IPSC/USPSA shooters and others at my local club's indoor range. I was impressed how well I shot it since I wasn't even concentrating that much on my front sight and the red fiber is a bit difficult indoors. All A zone and a few just outside the A zone when doing fast empty the mag drills. No problem getting head shots. Had some great groups. No more lows and lefts even emptying 17 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger.

Everyone who shot it was impressed with the M&P and with Dan's trigger job. All had great groups with it. I really think it was beating the Glock's tonight. I think quite a few of them will be looking at MPs and I was sure to recommend Dan if they wanted a great trigger job. Also recommended they come and join this great website.

Only problem I had was it seemed with one mag - once on a reload and once with first one from the mag I got a failure to fire - wasn't a mark on the primer? Any ideas? I was using the yellow box 250 rounds of ammo sold at Gander Mountain by UMC. And one of the guys when shooting it had another round that jammed up the M&P for a moment, had a bit of a struggle to get mag out. When we examined the round it was a bit chewed up and rough around the case edge and the bullet seemed to be set deep in the case. It is definitely shorter than the other rounds. Ideas? Wonder if this was a bit of a bad batch.

I and the others shot another 60+ rounds after that with no problem with all 3 of the mags I had.

Going to be a fun winter getting acquinted with my M&P - just wish it was IDPA and USPSA season so I could get a good idea how it stacks up against my Glock 34 in competition.

I'm seriously thinking of trading my Glock 26 in on a Compact M&P 9mm and letting Dan do his magic with all the bells and whistles since that will be my carry gun. I'll have to save the sheckels over the winter.
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