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alrighty... anymore californians yet?..

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i think there might be one or so here...
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YOu're just posting your "new intro" post, and you've got 83 posts?

Well, better late than never!

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actually no.. im asking if there are anymore californians yet.. i joined this forum about a month or two ago..
uhh, are you guys drunk?!! :roll: i already introed my self 2 months ago..

im just seein if there are anymore people from california yet...
hey, I'm new here from Cali (Southern Inland Empire to be exact) and I just got my M&P 40 a week ago. Immediately took it to an indoor range to break it in. Like it almost as much as my cigars.
One more! Have about 3000 rounds thru my M&P 9mm and loving it!
awesome guys, where did you guys get your m&p's from? how much?

i still need to get some time to take mine to the range. work and finishing up school eats all my time.

i have about 600 rds sitting here waiting to be shot.. haha

ordered mine from

520$ with night sights which is a great deal to me.
I lived in Cali for 18 years before I joined the Army. Now I move from state to state. But Cali is where I hold residence.
Im originaly from Cali turned Okie in 98. LOL Cali's gun laws suck
yes they do.. as long as i have my M&P im happy.. id be happier with a good ol M16 to keep up with my Marine corps shooting..
Got mine thru Turner's, where else in Cali do prices even meet theirs? Paid $510 w/standard sights. Matney's right, Cali gun laws are the worst, no protection for law-abiding civilians; guess most of the costal states are that way for both East and West. I'm finishing school too, but I can't go a month w/out making time for a few hours of shooting.
I understand your situation!!!

510 isnt bad, my local shops wanted 550$ for std sights.. i got my night sights ver through Buds. Transfer fees shipping and everything to get the gun in my hands came out to about 600$
Exiledviking said:
Got mine for $499.

mine what? shipping? tax? transfer fees?
My new M&P 9mm was $499 before tax and $35 DROS. I think it was $574 OTD.

Got it at Range Master of Santa Maria.
499 isnt bad, for california anyways. all the stores i went to wanted 550 for std and at least 640+ for night sights
Been lurking for a couple months, decided I'd create an account. Got my M&P .40 at Wild Sports up in Carmichael for $499 + fees. Thinking of picking up a 9mm from Bud's. Price is almost worth the hassle.
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