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I'm trying to pick one type of ammo to stick with for my M&P9, so I was doing some chrono testing of a whole stack of different ammos the other day. But rather than just be content with muzzle velocity figures like a normal person, I just couldn't resist getting some 25yd velocity figures too.

By the way, my Warren rear sight/stock front sight combo has my POI about 5 inches high at the moment (not to mention about 2" left), so I had stacked about .033" of little pieces of black electrical tape on top of my front sight to bring things roughly back to level... and my trigger is the stock 6.5#er, so consistency is a bit of a challenge anyway... suddenly, at 25yds, the 2" sweet spot on my chrony is looking pretty small.

With each of the 25 or so shots I took, I half expected to see my chrony explode, but I kept shooting anyway. Well, it never happened, and I actually got good data results from about half of the 25yd shots.

Maybe I'm nuts for even trying, but I didn't murder my chrony after all, and now I know exactly how high I want my front sight to be with my ammo of choice, so I can send the M&P off to Dan for the full treatment with no guess-work!
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