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Yesterday was my youngest Son's 30th Birthday, I'm Not Getting Old.. I AM!! Had Him when We Were 25..
Anyhow He is a South Paw & has always had much more trouble getting holsters than a RHer would..
He picked up a S&W M&P Shield 380EZ for $331 & Sold His M&P Bodyguard 380 for $350..
I went looking for a LH Holster for the 380EZ & Came across Amberide in TX..
For Under $20 & FREE S&H I received this holster in four days flat to my door..
I'm sure they had to make it up special but it arrived super fast = 380EZ w/Safety + Left Handed IWB..
Just wanted others Out There to know there's a Good Kydex Holster company who makes Great Gear..
It fits better than my Hand Made Kydex for my Shield 2.0 9mm BTW Made by a Local Holster Smith..
Thought I'd Share a few Photos of the Holster along with Mine..






Like Father Like Son.. S&W M&Ps.. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY DAVID

Still need to swap the magazine release to the LH Side for Him, But He has become accustomed to working them with his index finger.. Easy swap & takes a few minutes.. I'll let Him Decide..

Just Yesterday I saw a 9mmEZ for $350 & Had to step back & Think.. That was a Great Deal.. Not $499..

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I totally agree, HK.
I bought one of these holsters earlier this year. It has great retention and the edges are are super smooth. I was so amazed at the comfort and quality (not to mention price), I bought another within a couple of weeks. I just wish they made them for older guns (i.e. S&W 6906).

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