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Suffice to say, we should briefly introduce ourselves to those of you who have not heard of us.

i-SHOT was created in early 2002 as a result of months of feedback that we solicited from fellow shooters on the online forums. Our immediate goal then was to design and produce new range bags with all that feedback. That we did and more including launching a separate LE/Mil line (SERT System) and to expand our business to include other products for fellow sport shooters.

How active are we in the industry? Very. We have two shooting teams, one in IDPA and one in USPSA/IPSC, and by the end of 2006, I would safely say that we are one of the largest sponsors of both IDPA and IPSC combine. The presence of these two teams have allowed us an excellent platform to test out new gear and accessories and further evaluate any new designs we might have.

Our role has also expanded to provide gear to certain local and federal agencies and when the opportunity allows, some of this procurement enables us to extend our purchasing to include Group Buys. You will see a good number of this GBs on other forums.

We are big supporters of S&W (a great company to deal with) and have many good friends from within. We consider the M&P an excellent firearm and contender, and shoot it both in IDPA and now IPSC ourselves.

We have a couple of close friends who have developed accessories for the M&P and we intend to make these available to fellow MPers. A good example is Scott Warren's (FBI HRT's senior instructor & 5-time IDPA National Champion) Tactical Sight Series. Those using these sights include Ernest Langdon, Phil Strader and Dave Sevigny (who lead the charge with his own design for WTS), and in fact, Ernest Langdon has one on his M&P which you'll see him running at this month's IDPA Nationals. Scott is working on the production of his sights for the M&Ps at the moment and once it becomes available, we will let you good folks know.

In short, we're here to stay and promote the M&P agenda so if you have any Qs, do not hesitate to either call us 703-670-8001 or email us at M&[email protected] - if no one answers the phone it simply means we're out shooting

Our thanks goes to Jester for allowing us this opportunity and we hope to be of invaluable service to all of you.
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