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And Another Californian

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Hi all,

New to the site, shot my M&P9 for the first time this weekend....great gun, awesome site, thank you Jester!
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welcome, where you at?
Sacramento area.....about 10 miles east of you
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oh wow! thats close.

who did u use for the gun transfer? or store bought?

Maybe we can meet at a shooting range sometime?..

this is my first pistol. ever been to Cordova shoothing center?

a friend went and it was like 12$ all day or something.

I went to fishing hunting stuff in vacaville once for some fishing stuff and they have a underground range i think it was 10$ per hr.
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I sent you a PM.

are you sure?.. i dont see any pm's
Sent another one, probably screwed the first one up!
Hi forty5,

Where are you from in the Cental Valley?
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