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And so it Begins, need more M&Ps!

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Hello All, I have been involved in the shooting sports hobby for about 15 years or so, I have bought, sold and traded many a gun. I had, and still have, a great fondness for the 1911's, I own a few 1911's, 2 SA XD's, Of course a few S&W revolvers, they will always be here, But I accidently obtained a M&P 9C in a trade, I was impressed, now I have to get more of these guns. I just looked at a few M&P 45's and all I can say is, "I have to go get one." I read most of the posts on here about the 45's, I also read the GunBlast review, and I have much more faith in GunBlast than any magazine, as GunBlast does not recieve advertising dollars from S&W. I have seen the talk about poor quailty finish on the M&P 45's extractor & slide, it's not a big deal as far as the metal itself is not defective, it's a steel part with a less than perfect finish, which is OK with me as long as it functions as it was intended to. I figure if the slide and metal components are not finished very well I can send it to Robar or Tipps and make it look pretty. No range around has one for rent, as all 2 of the ranges here in SW FL suck anyway, to rent one, but I can't imagine it is much differnet than the other full size M&P's. So I guess the other gun I got from the dealer that wanted my S&W 586 bad enough to give me a NIB SA XD 45 Tactical is going on GunBroker tonight, and A new M&P 45 will be taking it's place. Just looking for opinions from M&P 45 owners on the gun, and thumb safety, likes, dislikes ect... Happy shooting All.
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Hello, I handled both the safety and non safety model before purchasing, personally I felt the safety "cheap" felling, it felt as if it would be easliy broken so I bought the non safety model and have been extremely pleased so far. It's nice to see someone else who could care less what as few small parts are finished like, it's a "work" weapon not a BBQ gun. I think you'll be pleased with the M&P45 everyone that I've met who has one loves it!
I don't like the safety. A gun safety isn't in a button or lever!!
only safety you need is between the ears.

and finishes can be redone cheap enough if it concerns anyone. besides, the BG isn't going to notice the finish if you use it.

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