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I got an extra hour or so, off to the range with me!

I put another 150 on paper at 15-20 yards. Three different loads based on what

I had laying around, not so much what I want to end up with.

100 grains jacketed soft points at moderate velocity.... would not even cycle the action.

Small group, racking each shot.

125 grain lead round nose, with bullseye and Red Dot powders, hot loads both.

Both cycled fine, shot to point of aim, no pressure sign, no flash to speak of, all in all

pretty decent.

The Bullseye was a clear accuracy winner. If I slowed down it printed 24 within

a few inches.

I mostly shot quick singles and double taps. All 150 rounds on

four targets could have fit within a pie plate no matter how fast

I shot, both aimed and point shooting.

A pie plate is BIG, but point shooting a new pistol for the first time

I expect more variation. Aimed fire is a few inches left of POA, so I need to

adjust the front sight a tad.

All in all, I could gain confidence in this pistol in a hurry. I like the idea that it

exceeds my .38 snubby in power and holds almost three times the rounds, all

in a package only slightly larger than the snubby and easier to shoot.

The .38 snubby.... I usually point shoot it at 15 yards and have no problem

double tapping two rounds into 6 unches with +P 125 grain loads. That is after

several thousand shots fired in practice.

I hope to match that with the M+P within a few weeks.

Gotta clean up that trigger...... out of the box it's 'inconsistant' but managable.
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