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Sorry, I missed the intros before posting in the compact section.

I'm a CHL holder for a couple years now, and my wife just got her CHL last summer. I have a Glock 19, which I like quite a bit, as a carry weapon anyway. It's a bit big for her hands though (she has trouble reaching the trigger and keeping a good grip), so we've been looking for something for her.

We tried lots of different models, with mixed results. She likes the Sig 239 (so do I), but it was a bit too big and too heavy for her to carry. We tried several Kahr models (range guns), but had several FTE, FTF, FTRB, etc. None of them seemed trustworthy enough as a carry weapon. The XD compact was close. The Beretta Px4 Storm was closer. But the M&P9c just seemed to fit the best, so we picked one up last Sunday. I just put about 250 rounds through it, and it performed perfectly. It seems to be a very good choice for her.

Neither of us came from pro-gun families. I went hunting a couple times with friends, but my parents never had guns. She did do well in a summer camp shooting contest (.22 rifle), but the idea of a gun in her parents' home was unthinkable. I started thinking of getting a gun for self-defense after we were married several years. She wasn't all that comfortable at first, but I we kept talking about it and she eventually warmed up to the idea.

Fortunately, this has brought us together, instead of being a point of contention. We both strongly believe in the right for people to defend themselves. Obtaining the tools and skill to use them is something that we work on together, along with more general security practices. Despite our "anti" backgrounds, our exercise of the RKBA continues to make us closer. (part of that may be trying to deal with the rest of our families, most of whom just don't get it.)
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