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Another Minnesotan Checking In

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(OK, I admit I don't have the M&P yet...but I am set on making the compact 9 my next gun! Can I still join the forum?)

Hello from another Minnesotan, this time north of the river--up in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities. I have already seen lots of familiar names and avatars from our twin cities group! Feel at home already...and can't wait to find a deal on the new gun. Looking forward to spending some more quality time on the forum...I have been browsing the forum regularly for several weeks and I am impressed with the level of intelligent conversation on the board.
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Welcome to the site...

Welcome aboard!!
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welcome to the site...
Welcome and glad you found the site!
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Welcome. I just recently joined myself.

I have the M&P 9c that I picked up a week or so ago. The only problem Im having is that I can't seem to find the time to shoot it.
Welcome aboard.
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