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Howdy, I've been reading up on the S&W M&P series pistols and ran across this forum.

46 years old, USAF vet, two sons - both in the USAF. My first love is big bore revolvers, and I love to read stuff written by folks like Elmer Keith, John Taffin, and Skeeter Skelton.

I carry a Kahr P9 as my CCW gun and am very happy with it. I thought I'd get a full size gun as a companion. I decided a few months ago that it was time I bought a hi capacity 9mm, and picked up a Glock 17. I wanted a G19, but the 19 just didn't feel right at all in my hand.

I've handled but not fired an M&P9, it seems like it was made just for me. I'm planning to trade the Glock for one soon. (anyone need a G17 with only 100 rds thru it?)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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