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I had set out to buy and XD 9c when the gun show was in town.

The best (only) XD was $510 new, $10 background check (no tax here)

Being a Lefty taurus and couple others are not lefty friendly.

Anyway the salesman pointed out the M&P9c had the $50 + 2 extra mags

going and was on sale for $475.

I had looked at an mp before but being a hardcore ruger fan i took a gamble

and bought the M&Pc

I found this board that very night searching for info and i must admit

all these threads about FTF, FTL, mags dropping, triggers sucking, breaking, ect......

Had me thinking i messed up.

I had to wait a week before i could put any rounds through it.

I stressed, lost sleep, all that fun stuff from reading boards.

(at my age i should know better)

The day after thanksgiving we got to hit the range.

I loaded both clips 11 each. The first mag of 11 only had 2 not in the group.

I've had a 4" P89 for 10 years and never shot that well.

I wound up putting 250 rounds through it and not one trouble.

I'm up to 450 rounds now and love it more every round.

Everyones been great here so far and THANK you
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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