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LOL - I saw this thread, switched to Google to look up an article, came back and then saw that choochboost had already given the link to you.

The pictures above and in the linked in article show what's called the "thumbs-forward" grip. I originally learned it on my G19 and struggled with it for a long time. I didn't truly realize the advantages offered by it until I tried out an M&P, which fit my hands much better (and which offered adequate room in which to place my support hand). I then put that grip back-to-back with my previous "thumbs-down" grip (which is shown in the handgunsmag article as well) and was able to see that the thumbs-forward offered a much better platform from which to launch multiple shots quickly.

The two biggest advantages to the thumbs-forward grip in my opinion are neutrality and the locked forward wrist. The first is what keeps the sights moving only up and down (and not any other direction) and the second is what quickly snaps the gun back onto the target. Combined, it's very easy to shoot the same target more than once without having to muscle the gun and push it back where you want it to be. I feel that this can be accomplished whether you use a 40/60 grip strength or a much firmer one (which I use).

I kicked this back and forth for a long time and was a dedicated thumbs-down gripper until I picked up an M&P.
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