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Any users from S. Eastern WA

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New to the area, trying to find some good private land/low key spots to burn some gun powder!!

Dont get me wrong like the ranges, but its still nice to be out in the open every once in awhile :wink:

Only range I have found in my area is in Colfax @ Chicken Road Ranch/Paintball

Looking for the areas of, Pullman, Colfax, Moscow Id., Lewiston etc.

Any onfo would be great 8)

Thanks fellas
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Bump for a pard.
Welcome to the good side of Washington. I wish I could help you out with the low key spots but the ones I know are north of Spokane. As far as ranges their isn’t much down their either the only two I can think of are in Lewiston it’s a small indoor pistol only range and not really worth the time, and then theirs the Lewis-Clark Wildlife Range by Lapwai (east of Lewiston) which is a good one but I haven’t been their for a couple of years. Also you won’t be able to shoot in the open for much longer unless you like snow, first snow of the year is usually in mid November, and temps less than 40 degrees.
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