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xs big dots

The XS big Dots are just now done. I got a call from company just a couple days ago. They have designed them on one of my custom guns and have showed them at a couple trade shows. They are photographing the gun now to have for adds. When I get the gun back it will have them on it and I'll report back. The front will be tritium but the back will not be do to the top to bottom height of the S&W being to short.

I have a solution to this I will be presenting to XS and if they don't do it I will be building custom sets myself that will give tritium at the rear.

I do know that the XS sight is the fastest on the market. And it is acurate a distance. It does cover more of the target but at distance it is a 6 o'clock hold. I have shot it at a Rob Leatham school with FBI SWAT, US marshall's and other "operator types" with high end 1911's with traditional sights and at 25 yards I was shooting the best groups with A XD 9 and XS big dots. I hope this helps. CHECK 360 David J. Bowie
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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