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I only have an M&P 40.

I only load .40.

I've only been loading for a few months.

I only have Federal primers.

I only have 155gr Rainier bullets.

I only have Hodgdon HP-38 powder.

I just got a chrony on Monday; so now I can see what my loads are really doing.

I also got some Viht N340 and some Winchester primers; so now I can start having some fun.

I think reloading without a chrony is a bit like driving without eyes.

I'm getting a very slight striker drag. And I'm not having failures, but the gun feels like it's barely extracting.

So I got a slower powder to impart longer force on the extraction mechanism. And I got a slightly cooler primer to see if that helps the drag.

I don't even know if N340 is slower than HP-38, or if Winchester primers are cooler than Federal, that's just what people have told me.

Am I on the right track here, or am I completely out of my gourd?


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If it shoots, chronos right, feeds, and cycles, shoot it.

I get light drag marks also. Its not over pressure, so i'm fine with it.
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