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anyone else heard this?

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i live in chesapeake va. we have at least 10 walmarts in our area (hampton roads to anyone who has never been here) while shopping at the one closet to me, i came across a savage model 10, 30-06 at a clearance price of $369. i went to another walmart that is close to my range to see if they had any deals similar. i noticed that the rifles and ammo were gone. i spoke to an associate and she said that walmart was phasing out of the rifle and gun industry. she said that walmart was moving to a more "family oriented store enviroment" WTF. walmart was my first choice for ammo, and they have really good deals on rifles and shotguns. since when is hunting not family oriented. how many father and mothers enjoy hunting with their children. i was in shock. tell me that this is just that particular walmart. this is insane.
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girl at my local walliworld in stateCollege tells me that they were getting out of selling guns(Which they did. this is while ago), but NOT getting out of ammo buiness. and are getting in to reloading(Which they also did. 2 wallieworld here are both selling reloading supplies now).

WWB from Wallieworld has been supporting my gun shooting hobbies for yeaers. it would be shame for them to get out of ammo buisness, especially since there are no other place selling ammo(will.. Dicks does sells ammo. But $20/box of 20rds is no way compares to $15/box of 100rds WWB at wollieworld...
Walmart is known for that.

Back when I was in selling car stereo, i donno how many time i lost sale to them. Those trailerpark kid - they don't care fact pioneer CD player they bought from walmart is NOT same as what we or anyother car stereo dealers were selling

Walmart is soo big that they made Pioneer to make special CD player that came with less feature so that they can sell it cheap - i.e. Pioneer DEH-2000, and Walmart special Pioneer DEH-20. they were about $20 cheaper..)

They do wipe out small local buisness. but as long as local people can save few bucks, they don't care about local buisness.
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