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It looks like the TRR8. Except it has an M&P on it, and the rail is stanag-ish looking rather than a standard weaver.

I guess it is the non-performance center version of the TRR, and it looks like it might be called the M&P8.

However, the internet says only impactguns and ableammo have it listed, and neither have it in stock.

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If it is like the TRR8.. This is the specs for it..

SKU: item_170269

Model: 327 TRR8

Caliber: .357MAG/.38+P

Capacity: 8 Rounds

Barrel Length: 5"

Front Sight: Interchangeable

Rear Sight: Adjustable

Grip: Rubber

Frame: Large

Finish: Black Glassbead - Includes Tactical Rails

Overall Length: 10.5"

Material: Frame: Scandium Alloy, Cylinder: Stainless Steel

Weight Empty: 35.3 oz.

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There was an article about it in one of the magazines, SWAT officers complained than then they used a 1911 with a ballistic shield, when fired the slide would often hit the shield, and cause a malfunction, with a increased capacity revolver that's not going to be a problem.

When they use the shield their arm goes around the shield so they can carry the weapon in front of the shield.

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It's probably the TRR8

There is a article in Guns & Ammo magazine (Oct. issue) about the Peformance Center version. MSRP priced at $1,260.00. Not really a bad price for a Performance Center pistol. Great looking gun. Wish I could afford it now but maybe someday.

I have a S & W 686PP 6" 357 magnum now but you can't have enough good revolvers.
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