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Anyway to stretch a leather holster a tad?

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I was looking at my Galco OWB holster that fits my P99 and thought what the hell and put my M&P in almost fits. Is there anyway to stretch the leather a little so I can use it for the M&P? Im not worried about it being loose on the P99 because I have a different holster for that gun now...
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Put your M&P in a ziplock baggie, holster it like that, and leave it overnight...or check on it every couple of hours if you only need a very little more room.
I see alot of the zip-loc bag trick, I dont understand how it works but I guess Ill give it a shot. Thanks.
Dont forget to wet the leather. Thats how I formed a holster for my pro ten 2. But I used suran wrap on the pistol.
Results were awesome, check out my other thread for pics.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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