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Good morning

I recently had an Apex trigger kit installed in my M&P9 1.0. The kits product number is 100-067C. The " Curved Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit".

After my local ffl installed the kit, I noticed the sear spring(the one under the extractor that is used to take down the slide for cleaning) had play in it. Much more than how it was stock.

My question is if this is normal or the result of a poor job? The M&P was made in 2020 so it should have the 1/8 sear plunger and housing block so I can't imagine the size of the sear block is incorrect and thus caused this result.

Dry firing the gun has shown that the trigger breaks smoothly and resets smoothly. So it appears that it is working. I haven't run any ammunition through it yet. I am just worried that sear spring may not be secure enough and might fall out of position during live ammunition testing.

I have added a picture to show the part in question. The loose part is the sear spring(I believe that is the term) in the middle between the extractor and trigger bar


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