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are frame rails removable?

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ok don't beat me over the head, I used the search function to no avail.

Are the frame rails in the M&P removable and replaceable like in the XD? from inspecting the .40 one I have sitting here (and no Scott I won't try taking them out of your gun), it looks like they could be. I've searched for literature that would tell me, but again, no googling help at all.

There is probably an answer already somewhere but my googlefu is weak today.
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The rails are part of one big chassis embedded in the frame. you'd have to gut the whole gun to remove/get to the rails.
I just had both the front and rear out today for a full cleaning and some polishing. The front rail are attached to a small block that holds the take down lever and the trigger housing/slide stop in place (these are different pieces though). The rear is a part of the sear housing. Both can definitely be replaced if the front assembly is available. (probably free through Smith)
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The front locking block(rails), and the rear sear housing block(rails) are easy to take out of the M&P. Yes, they are available for replacement.

Here is mine.

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These parts are available.

Sear Housing Block Assembly runs around $25 and the Locking Block is about $15.

Source: M&P Store, Brownells
Whoops, I posted just after Yukon.

Great Picture...
so I guess that's a yes eh? I figured that's what the roll pins were for. anyone know what size the pins are? as the standard rule is you shouldn't re-use roll pins. For my Beretta decocker levers I didn't care, but for something like frame rails/locking blocks it might be a good idea.
I don't know exactly what size the pins are, but I used a 3/32" roll pin punch to remove/install them. The pins are slightly larger than that.
I'm not sure if you realize Slavex means the tactical rail, if it is possible I just learned something.
yeah that's what I meant :roll: let me grab my Dremel tool and see if I can get your tactical rail off.........
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