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As-New to me.

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I am a Glock guy and have been forever, however, my wife has. Shield 1.0, and I did have one too. I liked mine, I would take it to the Range with my other pistols and have really enjoyed shorting it.
We took it back in November, to my sons house out in the country (Washington Indiana) and shot it with a Glock-43.
After shooting it with my wife and son, my son told his Momma he would like to get one. Well she looks at me and says x mas is coming up soon, let him have this one with the Jude x holster and mag carrier and the 3 mags I had brought.
Toss in a box of 9mm, and he’s smiling from ear to ear.
Me not so much, as I liked it.
Variety is the spice of life eh?
And what are dads for anyway?

Well it’s been two months and a deer season later, and I did miss the lil guy, 2.0’s are around, so is the (+) version.

Looking ate them local central Indiana gun board last week I found an as-new Shield 1.0 with safety, just like the one my son now has.
$300 no tax no transfer 1 8 rd 9mm mag, box and everything.

Ameriglo I dot pro green/green night sights ion it which will take some figuring out, and B I am back in the game.
I have not had the opportunity to shoot it yet, but I will.

I figure I need something bigger, my G-22/23/27 combo is always close at hand.
So while I didn’t get a GLOCK replacement, I feel I got an old friend back.
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I like the 1.0 Shield 9mm. I’ve had my original one for quite some time now. Then I added a second one a couple of years ago when they were super cheap before the country went nuts. I am very glad that I have both of them.
$300 no tax no transfer 1 8 rd 9mm mag, box and everything.
That's what I call a screaming great deal. Hope you didn't need to think about it for long!

I like my original Shield so much I bought a spare. For me they're a perfect combination of accuracy and concealability. Mine came with factory night sights but I put Ameriglo sights on my Glock. The Ameriglo sights are better.
Congrats on your 2nd Shield STEEL CORE

I Carry my Shield 2.0 9mm the most of any handgun I have.
It's size & weight are the key to its success
I haven't looked on INGO in a while as I also live in Indiana
Might have to do that today
We paid $249 for the 2.0 in mid/late 2019
On the S&W Forum there is a fellow selling two of the 7 round magazines JFYI @ $25ea shipped
I found two 8 round magazines local for $20ea NEW so I am already hooked up with MAGAzines
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Shield Carries really good & see no reason for the Plus
Saw a Shield Plus 9mm at the LGS for $425
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Here's a couple holster options I have
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Thanks I will try and find that link, yes the 1.0 I got is nice, the owner upgraded to a Shield plus, and some may ask why I didn’t just go that route too?
I don’t know, I had a Shield 1.0 and my son has it, so I just wanted another if I have to up size it would be a G-22/23/27.
I also have a M&P full size and compact in .40, so I do like the S&W products very much, I don’t carry one not that I would ever be underfunded with one. On INGO (Indiana gun owners) the gentleman who sold me this one with the 2016 marked I dots, is selling all his 7/8 round magazines.
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I always have the 7-round magazine in my Shield
It carries better with the smaller magazine
Held the Shield Plus & The 7/8 rounder side by side at the gun store
The thinner one just felt better to me

Sorry I didn't get you the link to the ones for sale on the S&W Forum more quickly
They both sold for $45 Shipped @ 4:03pm Sunday 1/9/22 to Smith Nut
Two Shield 9mm 7rd Mags New In Package $45 Shipped

I saw that Tactically Fat had two Black Hyve +2 baseplates for $30 + S&H as well
I've been a member of INGO for a few years & have bought & sold on there a few times

Going to go look thru their classifieds now 👍
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I'm a CZ guy. I buy other pistols and keep being disappointed that the XD, FNS, M&P pistols just won't shoot similar groups to the CZs.

My wife had a nice little CZ75 Compact I spent extra money of having the slide milled for a DP Pro. She carried it for awhile and then began to complain that it was just "so heavy."

I wanted her to carry and was afraid she wouldn't carry the CZ75 Compact, so I bought her an M&P 9MM Shield. I was prepared to tell her she'd just have to live with the groups that wouldn't be like the CZ. SURPRISE!! That little Shield shoots as good at the CZ75 Compact and better than any of my 9MM or .40 S&W full sized M&Ps.

I shot it some, no disappointments. I ended up buying one for myself. It usually stays home (my regular EDC is a P07 in .40 S&W) but sometimes, when I feel the need for "extra small carry" it goes on my hip and the CZ stays at the house. Another good thing about the M&P Shield is that both of ours shoot the same 115 hollow points my CZ's shoot so well - like they were really CZs with M&P stamped on them. None of my full sized M&Ps shoot those 115 grain hollow points well at all. But the Shields do really well with them. Reliability and accuracy.

We only have the two and they are great little pistols.

You're not wrong OP. You've got a nice little carry gun.
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Yes HEADKNOCKER I got this from TF, and see his 8 rounders for sale. I will shoot this one Friday.
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There are heaps of magazines on eBay
Here's some used 8 rounders with FREE S&H $24.99ea
Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield 8 Round Mag 9mm Pistol Magazines - Used $24.99ea
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