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My M&P9 came with the front sight a bit off to the right. It shot 2" left and 6" low. The general advice was that it was the shooter and not the pistol, which I think is usually correct. I fired about 1500 rounds before I decided to send it back to S&W for a fix. S&W did a fine, quick job of returning the pistol with a centered, shorter front sight. The low-left was gone, but in my efforts to fix my shooting technique for problems I didn't have with any other pistol, I seem to have picked up one heck of a block about shooting the M&P. "It" shot erratically. So bad I was loosing interest in shooting it.

I decided to bear down and either learn to shoot the thing send it packing. Somewhere around round 25 today, I managed to shake the last lousy habit with this pistol. Figured something had been going right when another shooter said "nice shooting, what are you shooting?"

Just a hat tip to the folks who have been saying "shooting technique." The thing shoots pretty well now that I've stopped fighting it.
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