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I saw some of these last week when I was down in Prescott. I did some research on them, couldn't find any gel tests but what few reviews on Atomic ammo I could find were positive. I picked up a box at Sportsman's Warehouse. $34.99 for 50 rounds with 10% Veteran's discount.
Made in Phoenix, they are loaded with Starline nickel plated brass. Not sure whose bonded bullet they are using.

Velocity claimed is 1300 fps. I can say that out of my 5 inch M&P, they will do that.
For two 5 shot strings I got 1285 low to 1313 high for an average of 1299 fps.
This stuff is moving right along. And not much variation between rounds.

Some Remington Golden Sabers I had along had a low of 1040 and a high of 1160, so not real consistent.

This is about the best I can do in a cold 35 MPH wind with eyes watering, maybe when it warms up I'll be able to do better. 25 yard group.

The Atomics had noticeably more noise and recoil than the Winchester 124 grain NATO ammo I was using, and the NATO stuff averages 1200 fps, in my 5 inch S&W.
I'd like to find a +P Load that gets around 1200 fps, same as my practice ammo. The Atomics are stout, I'll probably look for a milder +P, like HST's or PDX-1.
The Atomics are probably closer to +P+, more like the Underwood and Buffalo Bore stuff.

Here is the downrange view, the Chrony readout was from shooting the W-W NATO ammo, I hadn't yet started shooting the Atomics when I snapped this pic:
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