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I'm glad I got your attention. We have a pressing matter at hand.

A Letter to Marion Hammer.

Dear Ms. Hammer:

I am an attorney in Orlando, Florida. I understand that you are supporting the proposed Personal Private Property Protection Act introduced to the Florida Legislature this year. I wanted to bring a matter to your attention that relates to this Bill.

I represent Doug and Linda Gray, a husband and wife who were both employed by the Walt Disney World Company. They worked similar shifts, and traveled to work together. The Grays had to begin their commute before sunrise, and had to travel through some less than safe areas. In fact, they had been accosted on their commute to work in the past. They contacted law enforcement about this and were advised that they should purchase a firearm for their own protection during their commute. Based on this advice, Mr. Gray purchased a revolver to protect he and his wife. When the Grays arrived at work, the revolver was locked in their vehicle.

The Grays were both hired by Disney on November 13, 1996. They met at Disney during the final entry interview process, and were later married. Just 17 days before their 10th anniversary of employment at Disney, they were both terminated. While Mrs. Gray was being asked about an absence from work, she responded that her husband was unable to attend, and she didn't feel safe traveling into work without him. Upon further questioning, Mrs. Gray revealed that Mr. Gray had the firearm in their vehicle for their protection. Disney had the vehicle searched, and the firearm was found, locked in the vehicle where the Grays indicated it was. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gray were terminated. Additionally, Disney had the Orange County Sheriffs issue a trespass warning against Mr. and Mrs. Gray, so that neither could step foot on any Disney property again.

I attempted to intervene on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Gray. However, Disney would not allow me to participate in their review of this incident. Disney claimed that they had a zero tolerance policy with respect to firearms on their property. They would not listen when they were told that the revolver belonged to Mr. Gray, and that Mrs. Gray had never even handled the same. They would not listen when they were told about the Grays' commute and how it was dangerous for them to travel to work at the times they were scheduled.

Moreover, Disney showed no leniency toward the Grays whatsoever. The punishment for Mrs. Gray was the same as for Mr. Gray, because she knew that he kept a firearm in the vehicle and the vehicle was titled in both of their names. Disney did not take the Grays' years of service into account when they were terminated. Disney did not take into account the fact that the Grays voluntarily reduced their hours in the post-September 11, 2001 tourist slump, so that Disney would not have to lay off as many employees. Disney would not even withdraw the trespasses against the Gray so that they could bring their grandchildren to the parks when they visited on vacation. Mr. Gray was originally granted unemployment compensation, but Disney fought that as well and now Mr. Gray is obligated to pay back the unemployment benefits he was paid.

Doug and Linda Gray are good people. They had recently bought a house and were working hard to pay for the same. They worked for Disney for almost 10 years, and they no plans to change their careers. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world. The Grays had been threatened by criminals on their commute to work during the pre-dawn hours. Mr. Gray purchased a firearm for the sole purpose of protecting himself and his wife so that they could continue to show up for work at Disney. However, when Disney discovered that there was a firearm in its parking lot, Disney fired these hard working, long time employees without hesitation, without remorse, and without any recourse. When Disney was given the opportunity to show leniency, it failed to do so.

In short, Mr. Gray lost his job because he wanted to protect himself and his wife when they were traveling to and from work. Mrs. Gray lost her job simply because her husband wanted to keep her safe during their commute. Their lives have been thrown into upheaval because they were willing to take responsibility for their own safety. Certainly Disney did nothing to keep them safe during their commute; to the contrary, in complete disregard for the safety and welfare of its employees, Disney prohibits employees, such as the Grays, from protecting themselves while traveling to and from work.

The Grays understand that there was no law preventing Disney from terminating them as it did. However, they have asked me to share their story with you and with the Florida Legislature, so perhaps other good citizens of Florida are protected from similar actions in the future.

If I can provide any additional information on this topic that would be useful to you or the Florida Legislature, please do not hesitate to contact me. Until then, I remain,

Very truly yours,

Ernest J. Myers, Esq.

Orlando, FL 32801
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This is what is trying to be done.

ALERT !! ACT NOW - SB-2356 Protect Possession/Guns/Cars/Parking Lots

DATE: March 22, 2007

TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends

FROM: Marion P. Hammer

NRA Past President

Executive Director Unified Sportsmen of Florida

SUBJECT: SB-2356 To Protect Possession of Firearms in Vehicles in Parking Lots

SB-2356 protects employees and customers from having their private vehicles searched and protects against punitive action by anti-gun business owners who would deny you your right to have a gun in your car for protection and other lawful purposes like hunting and target shooting when you park in a business parking lot.

SB-2356 stops ARROGANT CORPORATIONS who think they can control the personal private property you have in your private vehicle in parking lots.

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee will hold a hearing on

SB-2356 by Sen. Peaden on Tuesday, March 27, 2007.

Please immediately send email to members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and URGE THEM TO SUPPORT SB-2356 by Sen. Peaden

Below is a list of the email addresses of those you need to contact


PLEASE SUPPORT SB-2356/Protect Firearms/private vehicles

(To send one email to all committee members at the same time, block or highlight the entire list and then copy and paste the block into the address section of the email.)

Senate Criminal Justice Committee










If you prefer to make phone calls, call these numbers:

Sen. Nancy Argenziano ® Chair (850) 487-5017

Sen. Dave Aronberg (D) VC (850) 487-5356

Sen. Mike Bennett ® (850) 487-5078

Sen. Victor Crist ® (850) 487-5068

Sen. Mandy Dawson (D) (850) 487-5112

Sen. Jim King ® (850) 487-5030

Sen. Evelyn Lynn ® (850) 487-5033

Sen. Frederica Wilson (D) (850) 487-5166

Sen. Steve Wise ® (850) 487-5027


The bill will stop business entities from searching private vehicles and violating the constitutional rights of customers and employees.

Your Second Amendment rights are at the very heart of this issue. In addition to prohibiting searches of private vehicles in parking lots. The bills also prevent businesses from asking customers or employees to disclose what personal private property is stored in a private vehicle and prevents action against customers and employees who refuse to divulge that private information. Further, it prohibits action against a customer or employee based on information provided by a third party.

Some Florida businesses are trying to ban guns in cars in parking lot used by customers and employees. They are discriminating against people who exercise their constitutional rights – they are violating the constitutional rights of gun owners and Florida law.

Corporate giants have been trampling constitutional rights. Some are even attempting to coerce and intimidate gunowners into giving up constitutional rights as a condition of employment.

Your Rights are in Danger

Carrying firearms in a vehicle for hunting, target shooting or protection of yourself and your family obviously means you can leave that firearm locked in the vehicle in a parking lot when you go grocery shopping, to the doctor's office, to the movie, to visit a sick friend in the hospital, to rent a movie, to the shoe store or anywhere else normal people travel to conduct business.

Florida law, the U.S. Constitution, and the Florida Constitution clearly and unequivocally give law abiding citizens to have firearms in their vehicles for lawful purposes.

How can anyone justify telling a woman who is being stalked that she can't have a firearm for protection? In many cases police tell these women to get a gun for protection because police can't be there to protect her -- and calling 911 is nothing more than government sponsored dial-a-prayer.

A business owner or manager has no more right to say you can't have a firearm in your private vehicle than they have a right to say you can't have a pair of sun glasses, an umbrella, a Bible or a baby seat.

Such an anti-gun political exercise is not good business sense. They want your money but don't respect your rights.

Businesses are not allowed to discriminate against employees and customers because of race, religion, political party, color of eyes, hair or weight. And they certainly can't discriminate because of the exercise of lawful self-defense. And, make no mistake, these gun ban policies are blatant discrimination against people who chose to exercise a constitutional right and take responsibility for their own safety.
I will be sure to send this to everyone else I know down here in Florida. Is this also a good list of people to get in touch with about HR1022?
Sure, I guess. The more the merrier.

How is this?

Dear fellow Floridians,

I am writing to you because I am concerned about the encroachment of my rights as an American citizen. For far too long, employers have had the ability to search employee's personal vehicles and property for items that they may consider prohibited. Items such as firearms, which under Florida law may be kept in vehicles, are often prohibited on company property. Company policies which allow the search of personal property and termination of employees because they choose to use their given right to bear arms in order to protect themselves, need to find a much needed end. Not only are the companies keeping employees from having a firearm in their vehicle, but on the way to and from work as well. It is clear that these companies do not care for the safety and well-being of their employees, and they do not care that they are trampling some of the rights that have made this country so great.

Those of use who value our lives greatly and have feared prosecution for being prepared to act in defense of them have looked forward to a legislative action like SB-2356 and HB-1417 for a long time. With these bills passed, employees who invoke the Second Amendment for self-protection need not be discriminated against. Please support these bills strongly as it greatly affects many, many Floridians including myself and one day my life might just depend on it.


Should I put my full name?
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