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Barrel Feed Ramp is too Steep to Smoothly Feed Rounds

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I have two (2) M&Ps and both have the same issue. The angle of the barrel ramp is far too steep. I can lock the slide to the rear and inser a loaded magazine (pick the brand of ball or JHP ammo - it doesn't seem to matter). If I just depress the slide stop the slide will remove the round from the follower, slam it into the feedramp and force the round into the breech. You definitely are aware of the crashing cartridge both audibly and feeling the double hit with the hand that is holding the pistol. If I take hold of the slide and walk it down I can actually capture the cartridge (i.e., nose pressed tightly against the feed ramp. I highly polished one and only removed the oxide coating on the other.

I've not ever been able to accomplish this feat with a Glock, H&K or Sig (especially the Sig as the round seems to sit a bit higher for a direct shot (pun intended) into the chamber to enhance reliability].

When firing the pistol one isn't aware of this, but one would have to think that this is an oversight that could/should be remedied.

Any evidence/observations (anecdotal or otherwise)?
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Uhhh it works. Why is a working pistol an oversight? If it doesn't cause the bullet to setback into the cartridge, it's fine.

Is it distorting the holowpoint cavity?

SLOOOOOWWWWLLY riding the slide forward is not normal operation, so what can be done in that case is irrelevant. Like matt7184, I have been able to replicate the same behaior on other guns. Heck, I have been able to replicate the behavior with FMJ on some guns. There's a reason you don't ride the slide forward.
The M&P (and the sigma), have some of the most direct feeding paths of any handgun. Ceratinly more than a USP, which I owned for quite a while. Certainly more than a CZ or CZ variant.

Heck, if you are complaining that you can feel a FMJ bullet hitting the feed ramp, I can't think of any semi-auto you CAN'T feel that on.

Heck, I've had the slide hit/rub ports while shooting and didn't get a failure out of it.

If you really have a problem with the concept, sell it and buy a sig, and convince yourself the bullet doesn't contact the feed ramp.
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My 1911 experiences jibe with dan's, and not 997GT3's. Even with a reasonably well polished feed ramp, I can still get 230gr FMJ rounds to hang if I ride the slide forward in super slow motion that would never occur in a realistic situation.

i really must wonder what real world situation 997GT3 is considering that this might cause some kind of life threatening situation in? A home invasion while you are fidlling with your gun trying to deliberately cause a feed failure that won't happen except under very unrealistic situations?
997GT3 said:
S&W obviously agrees with me. Check out the "new and improved" followers (gray) in the Compact models...

Yeah pics would be good, but for all the complaining about feed ramps, that isn't what they redesigned. Have you actually seen the follower out of the magazine and compared side by side?

In my experience, a new follower design was probably a good idea, but mainly to alter the stabilizing legs to avoid having them hang up in the witness holes, not for feed issues. (well, in extreme instances, you could bind up the front of the follower with lots of grit, taking a semi-circle out of the front might have helped with that a bit)
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