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Barrel Feed Ramp is too Steep to Smoothly Feed Rounds

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I have two (2) M&Ps and both have the same issue. The angle of the barrel ramp is far too steep. I can lock the slide to the rear and inser a loaded magazine (pick the brand of ball or JHP ammo - it doesn't seem to matter). If I just depress the slide stop the slide will remove the round from the follower, slam it into the feedramp and force the round into the breech. You definitely are aware of the crashing cartridge both audibly and feeling the double hit with the hand that is holding the pistol. If I take hold of the slide and walk it down I can actually capture the cartridge (i.e., nose pressed tightly against the feed ramp. I highly polished one and only removed the oxide coating on the other.

I've not ever been able to accomplish this feat with a Glock, H&K or Sig (especially the Sig as the round seems to sit a bit higher for a direct shot (pun intended) into the chamber to enhance reliability].

When firing the pistol one isn't aware of this, but one would have to think that this is an oversight that could/should be remedied.

Any evidence/observations (anecdotal or otherwise)?
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If you want to study the situation in depth I suggest you assemble your favorite pistols without there recoil spring assemblys and index the slide with your thumb and get yourself some dummy rounds so you can SEE for yourself that the round is further back in the feed lips of the S&W magazine causing the herkey jerkey action(as compaired to a Glock)in the feedway. I'll post a few pics in a bit.
If you stir the pot...

Just leave well enough alone. If you don't like it, sell your M&P's and get something else. Or get your engineering degree, get a job at S&W, take over the pistol department, fire all the engineers and redesign the whole platform. Or design a barrel that alleviates the problem. Or do us all a favor and STFU...

It's an uphill battle and you're wasting bandwidth. You come to a M&P Forum that is, SURPRISE, pro M&P, dog the piss out of the pistol and it's design, argue every point that anyone has made, name drop all the other "superior" guns you may or may not have and think that S&W agrees with you because the Compact has a different color follower? Dude, get over yourself... :wink:

Go Brad Go... LOL ... your name is Brad???? right..

As for 997GT3. Dude sell me your pistola, I'm really thinking your never gonna trust the M&P, so you might as well sell it. Mabey we should take up a collection and releive you of that terrible peice of engineering known as the M&P :roll:...LOL. I'd buy it but i'm in Ohio where there $400 new, I'll give you $325 shipped to my FFL as long as it's in 98% condition.

Do you have a name 997GT3?

I'm Dan BTW :wink:
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