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Beavertail Removal

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The pointy beavertail is the only thing I don't like on my M&P, seems unecessary. Who does good work?
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Burwell gunsmithing and bowie Tac. concepts. both forum sponsors, both do great work.
The pointy beavertail reduces muzzle flip.
Its more for a high grip, I'm having the one on my CCW taken off, but my target model left on.
Notice how you see a lot of the Glocks having beavertails put ON and M&Ps having them taken OFF? Shooters are a fickle bunch, ain't we? Maybe they can engineer in a user-removeable beavertail to go with the user changeable grips. There, there's my "work for somebody else to do" suggestion for the day.
Just look at all the different beavertails available for the 1911.
I've never seen anybody admit they want a beavertail on their Glock. It looks like crap and unecessary, like the MP's.
Actually, some people do add beavertails to the Glock.
There are a lot of people who would like a beavertail on the glock. Even when bringing it down flush with the end of the slide, it appears the M&P might have more space to get a high grip than the glock.

The M&P beavertail could probably be about 1/2 the length it is and still work pretty well.

A large portion of the glock beavertail requests are not so much for controlability as for folks with meaty hand who get cut up by the slide when using a high grip.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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