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Beretta PX4 Storm

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I was at one of my local police supply stores picking up some duty gear today. They are a S&W stocking dealer and Law Enforcement supplier so I got to fondle a M&P40 today. It is definitely on my list to aquire in the near future. But, before I left one of the salesman wanted to show off something new. I bit, and he got a Beretta PX4 Storm from the safe. They did not have it out for sale yet. It was in 40S&W. If anyone remembers about ten years ago, Beretta had a model called the "Cougar". The PX4 Storm is the polymer child to the Cougar. It has a rotating barrel and recoil spring set up like the Cougar. It has a fire control set up like the SigPro that is inserted and removed as a unit. It mimicks the M&P, Walther/S&W 99, etc with several different sized palm swells and reversable magazine releases. The trigger was smooth and stacked a little at the end of the take up. It is a traditional DA/SA. Would I go right out and buy one?...........more than likely not, but it is interesting. I remember the Cougar did not do very well here in the USA, and I predict that the PX4 Storm will more than likely do the same, but that is opinion and $0.02.
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Yeah, I had narrowed my possibilities down to the Springfield XD, the PX4 Storm, the Glock 19, and the M & P.

Ended up with the M & P because that is what most of the employess at H & H were carrying.

They're really pushing them.
Don't like the Px4, the finish is weak and the high points wear quickly, the rotating breach is not for me as I discovered that in the Couger series, the DA trigger is creepy, long, and not very smooth, the SA trigger is just "eh", and the warning label dug into the frame is really ugly IMHO.

I will stick with M&P.
I have the Px4 in 40, and I like it. But my fav is still the M&P.

Curious about shooting the Beretta PX4 storm. Compared to 1911 style locking mechanisms as far as the barrel lock is concerned, is the tourque of the barrel with that locking type lug very noticeable?? Does it effect your shooting in your opinion? I really liked the feel and trigger on the one that I fondled in our local gun shop. Please give me your thoughts.
I have shot a few PX4s. They are just so so as a DA/SA gun in 9mm. As I've mentioned many times before, though - the 40 cal version is nice. And, I do not even like the 40 cal bullet. That rotating barrel does a great job in taming the higher recoil.

As to your question about the torque. No, U can't really feel it.
Shipwreck is correct, I can't detect any torque and doesn't affect my shooting in any way. The recoil reducing properties of the action are outstanding as well. The rotating mechanism gives a positive lockup of the action. My only worry is how well the action locks up when it is extremly dirty or gritty and I'm not worried about it at all. I don't let my guns get dirty and are always cleaned thoroughly after each outing. Stay tuned for a detailed range report.
PX4 Mag. Issue


I have a Beretta PX4 that I love. I also have a M&P MPA series .40 that is my fav. With that said I have had a problem with the large backstrap on my PX4, one of my mag's does not drop free when the large backstrap is on the pistol. Also, it was almost impossiple to get the backstrap U shaped tool/spring inplace when I put the large backstarp on the pistol. I have called beretta and they said it was a mag issue. I read on some other gun forum that fellow beretta PX4 owners are having the same problem. Pls. advise. Thx/ Jet
I purchased a PX4 about 6 months ago in the .40 cal. discipline. I must say that my decision to purchase this gun was because of my overwhelming favorite Autoloader being the Beretta Brigadier 96 which is also a .40 cal weapon. I can add that the gun operates somewhat different to the 96 and the trigger pull is not as smoothe but the futuristic design and ergo's make it a great choice. Overall I would recommend the PX4 because of its build quality which is typical Beretta/Italian engineering. One other factor of the Storm was that I had wanted an all Italian Beretta and up until now the Storm is 100 percent made in Italy.
storm 9mm

I was able to shoot the storm in the 9mm caliber my buddy who works at a tactical gun shop tested one out use a 30 round mag in it and it is a blast
PX4 Storm back at Beretta


Send my Storm .40 back to Beretta for repair. The Large Back strap was out of spec. The magazines were not dropping free w/ the large back strap in use. The frame tool was REALLY hard to reinset w/ the large back strap in place. Beretta is aware of the problem and they wanted the pistol back to fix. We will see if there CS is as good as S&W. The pistol is very good, that is the only problem incountered so far. I still prefer my MP .40. They are both great .40's. Both pistols have tamed the recoil of the .40 round.


Does anyone know when/if Beretta will make the Type C (Constant Action) triggers available in the US? Also, what about the .45 version?
I'm thinking about getting one for my Wife, Buds has the 9mm 17 round model listed for $476 and change I believe.
I was up in the air between this and the M&P.. My best friend got the beretta having loved his 92 and really liked the look and feel of the PX4. Upon shootin gthe 40 he hated it, but got rid of it and picked up the 9 and said it's insanely smooth... which I find funny cause everybody on here seems to say the opposite... However his other guns are HK USP CT, FN 5.7, SIG P229, Beretta 92FS, and a Glock so maybe it is compared to them??

I found the controls to be in goofy spots you have to loosen up grip to reach around and work the safety ect and it seems rather bulky despite the overall shorter size. (compared to M&P ect)
Forgot to update!! I went out with my buddy that got the PX4 and we both shot..after shooting both noticed the M&P to handle recoil better, conceal better as well..he liked it so much he sold his PX4 and is now getting the M&P.
Forum of Px4

Is there a dedicated forum for the Px4?

This is my PX4, I got in a trade. I love it I'm still looking to add a M&P9 but the little carbine I got in the deal pushed me over the edge
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just to update i recieved my storm back frm. beretta back in a quick two weeks. New large backstrap, new mag loader and the gunsmith sanded down the lumps I created trying to get the backstrap spring out with the original warped large backstrap, new spring too. This pistol is very good. Beretta CS and GS work very good. I still love my M&P the PX4 close behind. Both are in .40SW cal. Both pistol so far preform w/out any issues (jams/magdrops etc.) so far. R/Jet
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