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You know, we're always telling people to "get the gun that fits them the best", and I think we'd all agree completely with that. However, I think the M&P gets the short end of the stick here because with the three palm swells you truly get THREE DIFFERENT FEELING GUNS. Except the gun stores where I have seen the M&P only have the one that comes pre-installed on it in the display case. So this is not really fair to the M&P to tell people to hold/rent several guns to see which they like the feel of better because they're missing out on 2/3rd's of their options with the M&P.

If people don't think to ask about trying the other grips, they might easily pass up the perfect fitting gun for themselves. How many people have passed on the M&P because they just didn't quite like the feel of the medium grip, but would have fallen in love with the small or large grip had they tried them?

Am I making any sense here? I think in telling people about the M&P you can not stress this point enough.

Have you guys seen stores displaying the other two grips and/or allowing people to switch them out?
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