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'Best Fit for YOU' rule and 3 different M&P's in 1

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You know, we're always telling people to "get the gun that fits them the best", and I think we'd all agree completely with that. However, I think the M&P gets the short end of the stick here because with the three palm swells you truly get THREE DIFFERENT FEELING GUNS. Except the gun stores where I have seen the M&P only have the one that comes pre-installed on it in the display case. So this is not really fair to the M&P to tell people to hold/rent several guns to see which they like the feel of better because they're missing out on 2/3rd's of their options with the M&P.

If people don't think to ask about trying the other grips, they might easily pass up the perfect fitting gun for themselves. How many people have passed on the M&P because they just didn't quite like the feel of the medium grip, but would have fallen in love with the small or large grip had they tried them?

Am I making any sense here? I think in telling people about the M&P you can not stress this point enough.

Have you guys seen stores displaying the other two grips and/or allowing people to switch them out?
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All three of the stores where I saw the M&P had the different palm swells with them; and talked about them.

If a person is serious about the “feel” of a weapon and they are standing there looking at three different sets of palm swells and they blow it off because they don’t like the feel of the ones that are on it….. They are too stupid to own the M&P and we don’t want them buying one anyway because they will find this forum and do more stupid things.

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