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'Best Fit for YOU' rule and 3 different M&P's in 1

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You know, we're always telling people to "get the gun that fits them the best", and I think we'd all agree completely with that. However, I think the M&P gets the short end of the stick here because with the three palm swells you truly get THREE DIFFERENT FEELING GUNS. Except the gun stores where I have seen the M&P only have the one that comes pre-installed on it in the display case. So this is not really fair to the M&P to tell people to hold/rent several guns to see which they like the feel of better because they're missing out on 2/3rd's of their options with the M&P.

If people don't think to ask about trying the other grips, they might easily pass up the perfect fitting gun for themselves. How many people have passed on the M&P because they just didn't quite like the feel of the medium grip, but would have fallen in love with the small or large grip had they tried them?

Am I making any sense here? I think in telling people about the M&P you can not stress this point enough.

Have you guys seen stores displaying the other two grips and/or allowing people to switch them out?
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I give up. Where is it?

4arrows said:
I am a patron of a great gunstore here in TX, and the different grips were a selling point that the guy behind the counter told me about. Now, i have spent many hours in this store, and let me tell you that the handgun salesman here is great, he is not partisan about makes or models, and he spends time with the customer to educatate them so they can make the best decision possible. On the other hand there is another store that i go to every once in a while, the has a salesman that is constantly pushing what he considers to be the "best". When i went in there, he didnt mention the grips, and basically blew me off when i saked about the M&P, saying something about growing up and shooting a "real Gun". Now, can you guess which store i go to to buy guns? ANd can you also guess which store i recommend others to go to when they a in the market for one? For those out there that dont do as much research as some of us before buying a gun, their only reference is the salesman in the store, and i hope that that salesman is there for for the customer, instead of just to push a specific product line.


Texas is a big state where is your favorite gun shop located and what is the name? I live in Frisco (just north of Dallas), is it close to me?

I shop at Academy quite often and have bought several guns (4) from them. Good gun shows usually have the best prices. My biggest complaint is that darn trigger lock on the guns at Academy! How in the world can you get the feel of a gun with a trigger lock on it?

I have been carrying a SW9VE for quite a while and got used to the larger grip. When I bought my MP40 I started off shooting it with the medium grips and it just didn't feel right. Finallly switched to the large grips and it really feels good now.

I've also noticed that the gun feels better with a loaded magazine. It just seems to settle in the hand better. But I guess it's a good thing that gun stores wont let you try it that way. :roll:
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