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Better all the time

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I ran another 300 rounds through my M&P 9mm today. The more I shoot this gun, the more I like it. All I shot today was CCI Blazer, but there were no malfunctions of any kind. As my shooting buddy put it today, "This gun shoots as smooth as hot butter"!!!
And he is a 1911 man.

All I need to do now is function test with my carry load and find me a good holster. I sure hope Milt Sparks will build me a VM2.

I know this isn't a very good pic, but I wanted to take a quick pic of it "dirty".

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I feel the same way about mine. I now have about 400 rounds through my M&P9 and it just keeps getting better. Although I have one FTE each of the 2 times Ive been at the range with it. WWB ammo, so I'm not too worried. BTW not a bad pic at all, Ive tried and cant come up with anything I'd even concider posting on here.
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