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Bianchi Duty Holster Level III

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Hey guys,

Just got my order in for the Bianchi model 7930 SL321 level III

You have to order one to fit the Glock 20,21 & the M&P full size

fits like a prefect glove......

So here is the 411 on it:

Bianchi mod. 7930 SL321 level III Glock 20, 21

Size 13B I'm left handed & I ordered the new style

"low ride" the item # 23481 but thats for the left handed, you will

have to look up the number for right hand. $89.95 + tx


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Sorry, I just checked back on this thread.

i don't know about the 45, there is a little room

and there is about 1/2 " on the barrel lenght.


oh, send your 45 to me and I'll see if it fits, LOL

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