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Bill drill

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I love my 40... Bill drill's in 2.04 seconds
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Jester said:
Bill drill's in 2.04 seconds

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a Bill Drill?

Designed by Bill Wilson

It has become standard to call any drill involving drawing and firing six shots to one target a "Bill Drill." However, the original drill was more than just that. According to Bill Wilson, this is the original "Bill Drill."

The idea of all strings is to get the best possible hits.

One target at seven yards.

String 1: Fire 6 shots for the smallest group possible. No time limit.

String 2: Fire 6 shots with about .50 splits between each shot.

String 3: Fire 6 shots as fast as you can.

I'm quoting the string 3 from draw. ("A" zone hits)

Very nice, thanks for the explanation too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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