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Blackhawk holster - pics??

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I currently have a BH CQC kydex holster for my Glock. I am considering buying the Glock 21 model for my M&P 40. That being said, does anyone have a pic of their M&P in the CQC holster? I would rather BH makes an exact holster for it instead of a almost perfect fit/length with the G21 series. How does it look?

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I have some pictures of my BH CQC Holster for G20/21 if someone can tell me how to load them.
I don't have any pictures, but my M&P 40 fits great in the Blackhawk CQC with serpa. I had purchased the one for the Glock 20/21. Blackhawk now has the M&P listed for this holster, it is the same as the Glock 20/21.
i dont like how long it is, its about 1/2 inch longer then my barrel when holstered. i'l upload some pics once my usb cable stops flaking on me.

there is some rubbing on the top of my frame when i use this holster, ill fix that with some black tape though.

side view

laying down

the extra bit that sticks out
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"Paddle waddle" is what I got with one of those I bought my son.

It screamed 'gun' as most do. Went with a belt version. Tighter to the body no "waddle".
i tried the belt loop that came with it, but my jeans have this stupid tag on the back right that prevent me from positioning my gun just right.
I did a little work on mad212's photo to make it easier to see what it looks like.

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Thank you for all the replies. These pics/info help a lot. I have one of the BH holsters for my G19 & have come to love it. I too found the paddle to waddle & actually had it 'draw' with my gun 3-4 times. No more.....belt loop only. This does secure the holster MUCH better... & tighter to the body. I might put a belt sander to the barrel end of the BH holster for the M&P to shorten up the OAL. Anybody try something like this?

im waiting on my friends dremel tool to cut the end off. would help conceal greatly! i usally find just a small bit of the tip can be seen when i sit!
paddle waddle

I have just recieved my new CQC from Blackhawk and I don't seem to have the waddle problem you other folks are talking about. My gun fits fine and I don't have any movement (M&P 9) The one comment about not fitting real close to the body is true, but for my belly roll, it helps with the draw a little better. But compared to some other holsters I have had, it's still not that bad.
ya i tried the belt attachment that came with it, and it rolled around, i love my paddle it stays put, not movement, sure its further out, but i have never had an issue
smith and wesson sells one on there sight.

it is a by desantis/pancake. fits perfect.!
The blackhawk for the Springfiels Armory XD9 / 40 fits the M&P as well, and there is no modifycation necessary to shorten it for the barrell. I just need to do some experimenting to see if i can ge it to hug my body tighter. Any suggestions
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