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Bowie Tactical Concepts pics

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David thought you M&P shooters would like to see these pictures.

He has been doing this kind of work for many years now and have just applied the techniques to the M&P and that an article on the guns are currently in Handguns magazine.

One trigger note: Not much was done to the authors gun due to him giving it to his son so it was not lightened much.



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That is too sweet! When I get my M&P 9, I want to have the slide blasted just like that. Is that front serrations I see on the slide? One question, when you get ready to holster the gun, do you have to have help to get it out of your hand? That grip texture is insane! I love it.
speaking for David, yes those are what you think on the slide.

I don't prefer them there, but to each his own. Gets my hand to close to the barrel.

I'm also impressed if you look at the mag well, you'll see notches. He teaches to "rip" the mag out on mag changes, those help get a grip. They are also for when you have a jam and the mag doesn't like to come out, gives you extra leverage.

On my carry M&P I'm having some custom work to.. soon.
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Cocking serrations

I have to agree with to some extent on the cocking serrations. I think that you have to be careful about muzzling your hand. That's why if you look at my glock serrations I developed the way to do them that makes them very nice to look at and keeps the hand back from the muzzle and still keeps them very usable. But I know that alot of people really like them on a gun, including me, so i tried with the limited space on the M&P slide to keep the same basic look as the rear serrations. If all else fails about even using them. They do add alittle something to the over all package. They are cut at the same angle as the rear ones. Even though alot of the guns I build really go in harms way, some in iraq, and affganistan, not to mention the numerous of guns in law enforcement holsters, it is still nice to go there with a classy gun that works. CHECK 360 David J. Bowie
Where did the night sights come from? Are they the factory ones?
read up on his web site, they are custom made.
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